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Get Push Notifications On iPhone When People Unfollow You On Twitter

Whether it is because you’re too noisy, unprofessional, are a Foursquare fan who checks in to different rooms in your own house, retweet too much or just aren’t interesting enough, there are many reasons why people may unfollow you on Twitter. If you’re the sort that cares about their followers, then you are likely in search of good tools for keeping track of people who unfollow you, so you can become a better Twitter user. One tool we’ll be discussing in this post is an app for iOS that actually sends push notifications when people unfollow you. Check it out after the jump!


Developed by Nacho Soto, Sayonara for iOS lets you keep close track of people who unfollow you on Twitter. When you launch the app for the first time, it lets you choose a Twitter account based on the ones you’ve added under Settings > Twitter. Once you tap on the user, it starts working for that account. Then, whenever someone unfollows you, it sends a push notification to your device. In our testing, the push notifications weren’t as instantaneous as we initially expected. I’d say it took 3-4 minutes from the time Sameed pressed the unfollow button on the Twitter website to the moment Sayonara pushed this to my iPhone:

Sayonara push notification

No one is actively waiting to be notified of unfollowers, so a 3-4 minute delay is hardly a deal breaker.

Sayonara for iPhone

Once you’re notified of an unfollower, you can open up the app to see their Twitter profile. To make things easier, the app comes with a “Block” and “Unfollow” option so you can quickly return the favor. Sayonara is available on the App Store for $1.99. It does what it says, and does it efficiently. Highly recommended for Twitter users who like to keep an eye on their followers.

Download Sayonara For iPhone

Free Alternatives

If you’re not a fan of paid apps, you can always try out Find Unfollowers on Twitter. It works similarly to Sayonara, but lacks push notifications, so you’ll have to manually check for unfollowers each time.

Find Unfollowers JustUnfollow

Additionally, JustUnfollow is a nice free app that lets you manage your followers in a more powerful way by keeping track of people who don’t follow you back, people who you don’t follow back, unfollowers, new followers, inactive followers and even allows you to copy all followers of another profile, if need be. Prefer managing followers from your desktop computer? Check out the JustUnFollow website!

Download Find Unfollowers on Twitter For iPhone

Download JustUnfollow For iPhone


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