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Quickly Open Your Favorite Website With A Gesture On iOS Using Go2Now

Activator is like ketchup for jailbroken iOS devices; it has the power to turn even the most mundane tasks into something noteworthy. Most of the times, visiting a website is no big deal. If you go to a URL frequently, most iPhone web browsers (including Mobile Safari) offer the option to bookmark the website. To access this bookmark list however, you still have to launch the browser, go to the options menu and look for the appropriate bookmark. Add Activator to the the mix, and it becomes possible to bypass all this hassle with ease. Go2Now is a new Cydia tweak that lets you open any URL in Safari or Chrome with a gesture of your choice. The tweak can be associated with any Activator gesture, and immediately opens the configured URL without showing any intermediate interface.

Go2Now iOS Settings Go2Now iOS Chrome

Go2Now is available in the ModMyi repo of the Cydia store. You can download it for your jailbroken iPhone without spending anything, as the only requirement is Activator being installed. Unlike some other tweaks of this kind, Go2Now doesn’t stay in anonymity, but rather adds an option of its own to the Activator menu. In fact, the tweak has a dedicated menu of its own to let you associate a gesture with it and define the URL you want to access.

Inside the Go2Now menu, there are three options. First of all, you have to select an Activator gesture for the tweak. The entire Activator list is available under this section, allowing you to choose any activation method you want. Next step, you have to enter the desired URL. If you prefer Chrome over Safari, Go2Now offers a special option that makes the URL show up in Google’s web browser, provided you have it installed, of course.

Depending upon your choice of gesture, it is possible to invoke the browser and open the configured URL from anywhere within the OS. Our advice is to select a gesture that can be accessed from full-screen apps as well, like using one of the hardware buttons or shaking the device.

In our testing, the tweak worked flawlessly and there wasn’t any noticeable lag between performing the gesture and the URL opening up in the browser. In the future though, Go2Now can become even better if the developer adds the option to define multiple URLs against different gestures. Even in its current state, Go2Now can be of use if there is one website that you frequent more than any other.


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