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Google Brings Its Location Discovery App Field Trip To iPhone

A lot of times, our mobile devices iPhone might have been responsible for keeping us home or stuck to the screen even when out, but a few really good apps can actually encourage you to go out and explore the real world. Google’s Field Trip certainly has what it takes to rank among the best apps of this kind. It has been around on Android for some time, but has just arrived on the iPhone today. The main concept of the app is pretty simple. Field Trip notifies its users of any interesting places nearby, based on their location. You can then use the app to learn more about the place, get directions to it or just bookmark the attraction for later. The app hands the users enough control to choose the frequency of notifications and the genres of places they are interested in.

Field Trip iOS Notifications Field Trip iOS Interests Field Trip iOS Settings

Field Trip starts with a simple tutorial, which also includes a few instructions regarding the app’s notifications. There are three levels of notifications frequency to choose from: ‘Explore’, ‘Feeling Lucky’ and ‘Off’. Once the configuration is complete, the next step is to tell Field Trip about your interests. By default, all locations and sources are selected, but this can be changed by swiping to the left and unchecking any category or source you don’t like.

Field Trip is capable of speaking its notifications as well. You can configure these spoken notifications from the app’s settings menu. You can choose to enable them only when a headset is connected, only when on Bluetooth, or all the time.

Field Trip iOS Nearby Field Trip iOS Map Field Trip iOS Place

Once everything has been set up properly, go to the app’s ‘Nearby’ section and wait for it to load interesting places. You can also explore places from distant locations by looking around on the Field Trip map. Points of interest are marked by colored cards that lead you to a place’s dedicated page. These pages contain photos of the attraction, along with a text description. You can share this page over social media, or add it to your favorites. It is also possible to get driving and walking directions to the place, although the directions aren’t available within the app and Field Trip just redirects its users to Apple Maps.

Field Trip is available as a free app optimized for iPhone and iPod touch. It keeps tracking your location in the background, so this might not be too good for your battery life. However, if you are willing to sacrifice some battery life for the app’s awesome functionality, head to the link below and give Field Trip a try.

Download Field Trip For iOS

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