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Hide Or Delete All Texts With A Tap In Stock iPhone Messages App & Set Auto Reply

While there are a lot of third-party SMS apps available in the Cydia store, there aren’t many tweaks that try to enhance the stock Messages app itself. If you are a frequent user of iMessage, or a fan of the stock app’s simplistic interface, you might not be too keen on switching to clients like BiteSMS and GO SMS. Having said that, some of the features on offer in third-party apps do make one envy them. SMSOptions Pro has a nice solution for this dilemma. This new Cydia tweak adds a few very useful options to the stock iOS messaging app. The tweak lets you hide all SMS threads with a single tap, configure automatic replies for incoming messages, and anyone who has ever had to delete all message threads individually before selling an iPhone is sure to appreciate the “Clean All SMS” button.

SMSOptions Pro iOS Settings SMSOptions Pro iOS Clear All SMSOptions Pro iOS Unhide

SMSOptions Pro is a brand new tweak, and thus not completely free of bugs. During our testing, the “AutoReply” feature refused to work. This option, whenever enabled, should send a predefined text to anyone who messages you. You can, of course, set custom text for the automatic reply.

If you are afraid that you might inadvertently delete your entire SMS collection, keep the “Enable CleanSMS” option off. This toggle should be turned on only when you want to clear your inbox. However, simply switching it on won’t delete any messages. You will have to go to the Messages app and tap the Edit button without opening any thread to reveal the CleanSMS menu. Tap the Clean All SMS button to erase all threads.

SMSOptions Pro hides all your messages by default. To bring them back, hit Edit and tap the “UnHide” button located in the top-right corner of the app. You can remove this button by toggling off the “PrivateiT” option from the tweak’s settings.

SMSOptions Pro will cost you $0.99, and is available in the ZodTTD & MacCiti repo of the Cydia store. The tweak’s features can be controlled from the new menu it adds to the stock Settings app. Somewhat annoyingly, you have to respring your iPhone after making any change in the SMSOptions Pro settings.

We would’ve been a lot happier with the tweak had the Autoreply feature worked, but it might very well be fixed in the next update. Also, the asking price isn’t too much, and it can be argued that the inbox hiding and bulk deletion features make SMSOptions Pro worth a download.

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