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How to Drop a Pin on Apple Maps: Stepwise Tutorial

Apple Maps is the counterpart of Google Maps available for iOS users. Despite being around for several years, only recently it has started to offer some high-tech features to the users. One such feature is dropping a pin.

If you’re an iPhone user, it’ll be useful to know how to drop a pin in Apple Maps. For that, continue reading this blog as we’ll tell you the significance of this feature and the reasons for using it.

How to Drop a Pin on Apple Maps Stepwise Tutorial

What Does a Pin Drop Signify?

Dropping a pin in Apple Map or any other map means marking a location. It often stands for your current location or a location you want others to know of. This works as a temporary marker.

Therefore, when you mark a location, it’ll erase your pinned locations marked earlier. So, don’t forget to save the address before you proceed to drop another pin in Apple Maps.

Why Should You Drop a Pin in Apple Maps?

You can use the dropping a pin feature for many reasons. Its most prominent use is to temporarily mark a spot on the Apple map to easily find a place or get back to a marked location. You can also make the most of this feature by using it to give directions to a particular point of a large area, especially those without an address, like a city park.

By knowing how to drop a pin in Apple Maps, you’ll be able to do other things, such as providing more specific directions, sharing a location with a large number of people, saving favorite locations, and so on.

How to Drop a Pin in Apple Maps: A Step-By-Step Guide

How to Drop a Pin in Apple Maps example

Now is the time to learn how iPhone users can drop a pin for any of the above reasons:

  • First of all, launch Apple Maps.
  • The map will have a blue pin highlighting your current location.
  • If the pin isn’t visible, don’t worry and move to the next step.
  • Navigate to the approximate area where you’re willing to drop a pin in Apple Maps.
  • If necessary, you can swipe the screen with one finger, or zoom in/out through pinching.
  • Place your finger on your preferred location on the screen and hold it.
  • You’ll see a red-colored pin appearing after a few seconds.
  • Simultaneously, a set of options will appear at the bottom. Tap on Edit Location.
  • At this point, a satellite image of the chosen area will appear. You can be more precise and reposition your pin.
  • When you’re happy with the location of the pin, tap Done. This completes the process of dropping a pin.


Now that you’ve learned how to drop a pin in Apple Maps from your iPhone, you can use it anytime you want. If you can follow the steps mentioned in this post, it’ll work as a useful resource.

Those who are interested to know how to use google maps to open an apple location can check out this blog on how to open an Apple Maps location in Google Maps.

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