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How To Enable A Content Blocker In Safari In iOS 9

Safari in iOS 9 comes with support for content blockers. Content blockers are a very specific type of extension that Safari supports as of the latest iOS version. This extension type aims to block content on web pages loaded in Safari with the aim to make browsing faster. The question is, how do you use a content blocker in Safari? Using one is much like using third-party keyboards in iOS 8 (and above). A Safari content blocker comes in the form of an app that you download from the App Store and then enable in Safari’s settings. Here’s a quick guide on how to enable content blockers in iOS 9.

First, download a content blocker for Safari from the App Store. Next, go to Settings>Safari and scroll down to the General section of Safari’s settings. Tap Content Blockers and on the Content Blockers screen, you will see a list of all the installed content blocking apps. Simply switch one on to begin blocking the targeted content.

safari-ios9-settings safari enable content blocker

Safari doesn’t have a whitelisting feature so if there’s a website that you’d like to exempt from content blocker, you won’t be able to unless the app/content blocker itself has a whitelisting feature. Content blocking apps can and do have their own interface so if you’re in the market for one, aim for one that gives you some added control. Bear in mind that you will need iOS 9 or above to enable content blockers in Safari.

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