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How To Reduce Battery And Data Consumption By Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go is an awesome game that makes excellent use of augmented reality and gets people to go outside. The only downside is that it’s impossible to play this game without turning on your cellular data which is something that can cost an arm and a leg in terms of price, and reduce your device’s battery significantly. Just walking around with cellular data turned On is a huge battery drain but to run an app that relies heavily on it means more power consumption. The thing with Pokemon Go is that it’s significant data usage as well as the added drain to the battery can be attributed to one thing; maps. The app relies on your current location to help you find Pokemon and as you walk around, it constantly updates the in-game map which consume battery and data. To minimize this drain, simply download a map of your city and the app will consume less battery and data. Here’s how.

Pokemon Go relies on Google Maps’ API to find your location and get maps. The app itself doesn’t have an option to download maps offline but the official Google Maps app does. Install it on your Android or iOS device and download a map of your city as an offline map.

g-maps-area gmaps-area

Once you’ve downloaded a map offline, Pokemon Go will consume less data and battery. This doesn’t mean you can play the game without turning your cellular data On. The app still needs it to find gyms, Poke Stops, and of course Pokemon nearby. It will still consume data but you will find a significant reduction in how much it drains both your bandwidth and battery when it no longer needs to download the map.

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