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How To Share Health App Activity Via Stickers In The Messages App In iOS 10

The Messages app in iOs 10 now has its own ecosystem of apps. For the most part, the apps released for the Messages app have been stickers. Some are free but most are not. The artwork of the stickers are what make a sticker app worth buying. Of course, not all sticker apps are the same. Meet Health Stickers, a sticker app for the Messages app in iOS 10 that connects with the Health app and lets you share your activity in the form of stickers. The app regularly fetches current data from the Health app. You can send an iMessage contact your blood group, number of flights of stairs you have climbed, calories burned, steps walked, and more.

Install Health Stickers and allow it to access data from the Health app. Health Stickers adds an app icon to the Home screen. Simply access the app from the Home screen to connect it with the Health app. You can choose what data it has access to.

Health Stickers-access Health Stickers-data

Once Health Stickers has access to your data, you can start sharing it. Open the Messages app and tap the App Store button. Enable the app in Messages if you don’t see it.

The stickers let you share your gender, your blood group, steps walked, distance walked, calories burned, exercise/active time, heart rate, stairs climbed, your current weight, and more. Tap the sticker to add it to the input text field and tap send.

Health Stickers Health Stickers-send

As far as stickers go, this is the first app we’ve seen that isn’t meant to be cute. It’s a great way to share activity and it’s better than looking at the rather boring graphs the Health app has. It’s surprising this isn’t something iOS lets you do as a stock feature considering the Apple Watch does let you share your activity with friends.

Install Health Stickers From The App Store

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