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Instagram For iPhone Gets The iOS 7 Treatment

Instagram has just been updated to match the revamped UI in iOS 7, but if you were looking forward to some new features, you are bound to be disappointed. The update isn’t anything like the overhaul the Facebook app has undergone, but it’s still more than what the Twitter update has to offer. The changes in Instagram are subtle enough to prevent users from getting lost in a maze of new additions, but are still sufficient to make the app look at home on iOS 7. There are no changes in the camera screen, or in the photo filters, but every other part of the app has received some attention. Probably the most important change is that Instagram now displays photos in the feed from one edge to the other – something that gives the app a really refreshed look.

Instagram iOS 7 Home Instagram iOS 7 Explore Instagram iOS 7 Activity

The new image size on the homepage has only increased by a few millimeters but once you notice the change, it appears to be really pleasing to the eye. Another alteration is the title bar in Instagram. Like most apps in iOS 7 as well as third-party ones that have been optimized for the update, you will see a solid bar at the top of your feeds. The refresh button looks like a part of this bar, and is no longer set apart with the use of a border. Once you scroll down the page, the bar gets smaller and disappears quite quickly. It goes without saying that the text style and font used in Instagram has also been tweaked to match iOS 7.

The ‘Explore’ and ‘Profile’ sections of the app still sport a grid layout, but the search bar and the title are new. The bottom bar has also been flattened to go with the overall flat look. Another pleasant change you are sure to notice on profiles is that instead of showing display pictures in squares, you get to see them in a very iOS 7-like circle.

The ‘Activity’ page and its two subsections offer some interface changes, like a timestamp to the right of each entry, and a new refresh button but apart from that, it is as unchanged as the Camera UI. The user profile pictures that appear here are spherical, too.

Instagram version 4.2.0 is now available in the App Store, so go ahead and give it a go if you have updated your iPhone to iOS 7.

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