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iPhone Not Ringing: 8 Possible Solutions To Make Your iPhone Ring Out

If an iPhone is not ringing, the poor speaker is often the prime suspect. But then, the same speaker could produce sound from Spotify and other media apps, which leaves us with the question, “Why is my iPhone not ringing?

Well, there’s no single culprit to point at. The issue could have stemmed from different sources, each of which we’ll deliberate and proffer a solution to in this guide.

Read on below to find out.


Possible Causes of Your iPhone Not Ringing Out

As suggested earlier, it’s difficult to pinpoint one culprit for your iPhone not ringing out. But the problem could have arisen from different sources, some of which are as follows:

  • The silencer toggle on the side of your iPhone is enabled
  • Your custom ringtone is not working properly 
  • Debris or moisture lurks in your iPhone’s headphone port, causing it to be stuck in headphone mode.
  • Your iPhone’s speaker is faulty (if media apps are also not producing any sound)
  • Do Not Disturb (DND) mode is turned

How to Get Your iPhone Back to Ringing

Since there’s no exact culprit to point at, we’ll try out each of the fixes below. Hopefully, one of them should fix the problem with your iPhone not ringing.

Reboot Your iPhone

As simple as this sounds, restarting your iPhone might be all you need to fix the no-ringing issue, which could have stemmed from a glitch in the operating system.

Turn Off Do Not Disturb (DND)

DND is a feature that blocks all incoming calls from ringing, sending them straight to voicemail. If it’s turned on, open the Control Center by swiping down from the top edge of your screen or the bottom edge, depending on your iPhone model. Next, check the rectangle next to the brightness slider. Ensure it’s not reading Driving, Focus, DND, or similar texts.

Check Your Custom Ringtone (If You Have One)

If you set a different ringtone for a specific contact, there are chances of the ringtone not working correctly, hence the silence when the contact calls. To fix this,

  • Open the Phone app and swipe to Contacts
  • Select the target contact and tap Edit in the top-right corner
  • Next, tap Ringtone and then select a non-custom ringtone
  • Request a call from the contact again and see if the problem vanishes

Check Your Silencer Toggle

The tiny toggle on the side of your iPhone is used to switch between silent and ring modes. Toggle it back from whatever state you find it and request a call to see if the problem persists.

Check If Your Device Is Not Stuck to an External Audio Device

Ensure your device is not connected to an audio device by opening up the Control Center and tapping the Airplay icon. Choose your iPhone as the audio device if any option other than it is selected. 

As for older iPhones with a headphone port, debris or moisture in the port could cause the iPhone to remain in headphone mode, even when you don’t have one plugged in. Use a pin to clean the port or blow it clear of moisture with a dryer.

Check Your Ringer Volume

If your ringer volume isn’t set all the way up, it’d be difficult to hear a call. Press the volume up button till the ringer bar fills up, and you can hear a sound. Then you can request a call to confirm if any sound comes out when your phone rings this time.

Take Your iPhone to a Repair Center

This last resort should only be considered when you’ve tried all fixes to no avail. If a warranty still covers your iPhone, it’s best to drop it off at an Apple service center. 

Otherwise, you can take it to a technician in your proximity to be looked up. The issue could be from your speaker or sound IC. Either way, your technician will proffer the best possible solution.

Final Notes

That’s all you need to know to get your iPhone back to ringing. In extreme cases, where worse comes to worst, you might want to reset your iPhone before taking it to a service center. The problem could also have arisen from a recent system update on your iPhone, which the factory reset should fix.

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