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Keep Your iPhone’s Lock Screen Wallpaper Visible Even While Charging [Cydia]

iOS blacks out the wallpaper as soon as you put your iPhone or iPad on charging. This is meant to be a feature that lets users distinguish between the charging and normal states at a glance. It might be a bit useful for some users, but most people might argue that the green battery icon is more than enough to alert you that your device is currently being charged. Also, the darkening of the background doesn’t look too good aesthetically, and that is precisely why ChargingBackground has been released in the Cydia store. If you have got this tweak installed on your jailbroken iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, the lockscreen wallpaper will always remain visible, even when you put the device on charging. That does not mean that the big green charging icon will go away, the icon remains unchanged and just the black background behind it is replaced by your current lock screen wallpaper.

iPhone Lockscreen ChargingBackground Cydia ChargingBackground iOS

In our experience, ChargingBackground degrades the quality of the battery animation on your lockscreen to some extent, but that happens only on certain wallpapers and themes that clash with the colors in the battery image. Other than that, using the tweak is a treat. You just have to install it from the Cydia store, and it does everything else automatically. To see if ChargingBackground is working its magic, put your jailbroken iDevice on charging and take a look at the lockscreen. You are sure to notice that the black background behind the battery animation has been replaced by your usual lock screen wallpaper. The battery icon will retain all its previous attributes and colour properties.

If you use the tweak wisely, it will certainly make your iPhone look better, although it is worth mentioning that ChargingBackground might not work on your jailbroken iPhone if you are using a Cydia theme on your device. Also, with certain themes and wallpapers the slider (for screen unlock) might look a bit too odd, or there might be visibility issues regarding the camera grabber (if you are on iOS 5.1 of course). So, if you love your device’s wallpapers enough to keep them visible even while charging, head to the BigBoss repo and grab ChargingBackground for free. The tweak does not have any configuration steps or customizable options, so don’t try looking for a Settings menu for it. ChargingBackground is just a 681kB download, and is not likely to cause any lag on your jailbroken iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.

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