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Manga-Camera For iPhone Makes Your Photos Look Like Japanese Comic Strip Panels

It is a testament to anime’s popularity that there are a lot of Japanese manga and anime-related apps in the iOS App Store. A couple of weeks ago, we covered Anime Doctor, an iPhone app that lets you view information and photos associated with any anime series. New to the App Store, Manga-Camera is a photo editor that offers just one functionality; the app lets you convert any ordinary photo into an image that looks like it’s been taken from a manga comic strip. It’s not like you can create your own manga strip with this, but it is sure to provide you with something fun to share with your manga buddies. The app is pretty simple in nature and without too many options. It has a bunch of effects emulating different kinds of situations from a comic strip, all with the same great sketch filter. The effects are quite different from each other, making sure you don’t get bored of the app after a couple of uses.

Manga-Camera Frames Manga-Camera-Result Manga-Camera Settings

It would have been pretty cool if Manga-Camera offered the option of applying its awesome frames to existing photos from your device’s camera roll, but the app is purely a camera alternative, and works only for photos shot through it. If you want easy sharing options, it is better to link your Facebook and Twitter accounts with Manga-Camera. This can be done from within the app’s Settings menu. From the same section, you can set up the Environment for each photo. The available options include Dark, Normal and Bright. Environments can be configured even after snapping a photo, so you don’t have to worry about them too much.

To get started, tap the button located at the bottom-left corner of the camera viewfinder, and choose an effect from the screen that follows. All the frames in Manga-Camera are black & white, and you will get a preview of each before shooting. Even if you snap a picture with the wrong frame, you can change it afterwards. There is a snippet of Japanese text in most of the frames, copying the way sound effects are depicted in manga. Once you are satisfied with your handiwork, you can save the photo to your iPhone, or choose to share it over Facebook and/or Twitter.

Manga-Camera is optimized for the iPhone and iPod touch only, and can be downloaded for free from the iTunes App Store.

Download Manga-Camera For iOS

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  1. I got the app and I really like it, BUT i can’t find a way to save the pics on my I-Phone…(whenever I try to “save to library” it tells me user denied…)can anybody help?

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