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Miranda Helps You Coordinate Time In Multiple Time Zones [iOS]

One of my most memorable mistakes/job fails was the direct result of my inability to work, or rather plan anything in two different time zones. To say I learned to deal with them later on would be a lie. Instead, I decided to concern myself with my own time zone and let people work it out for themselves. Miranda is a free iOS app that I could have used back then and probably will keep on my phone for the remainder of my life. It’s a very simply app that helps you find time in multiple time zones with respect to your own. You can then add an event to your calendar knowing what time the event starts for you and when it starts in the other time zone using the app.

Launch the app and allow it to use your current location. It will add your current city automatically. Swipe down and tap ‘Add City’ to add other cities.

Miranda current city Miranda add city

Once you’ve added the cities, move the dial on the right to increase or decrease time in your current time zone. As you do this, the time for other cities will be adjusted accordingly. For more precise control over the time, hold the wheel and wait for it to expand before you start adjusting time.

If you don’t like the dark theme and would prefer time be given in the 12-hour format instead of the default 24-hour format, swipe down on the add city option to reveal more settings. You have the Auto color theme which adjusts the theme based on whether it is day or night in your current location. You can set it to always use the day or night theme and ignore the current time of day in your city. Here you can also turn off the 24-hour time format and enable a more details look at the time of each city. The detailed look will tell you the current date in each city and whether you’removing towards the new day or the previous one.

Miranda settings Miranda time

Once  you’ve set the time, swipe down again and tap Save As. You can copy the time, use it to add an event to the Calendar app, or email the time. Copying the time copies the city, the time you adjusted to, and the date in each respective city duly formatted to your clipboard. It’s one of the easiest ways imaginable for managing an event or a meeting with participants in different time zones. It frees you from the burden of calculating the time difference between cities and removes all chances of error.

Install Miranda From The App Store

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