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How To Name Voice Memos By Location On iOS

iOS has a Voice Memo app which, as you can probably guess by the name, can create voice memos. The app appears to be simple and for the most part it is. There are a few basic editing functions and the app can save to a lossless format. By default, it saves recordings with a numbered name i.e., Recording 1, Recording 2, Recording 3, etc. This may make it harder to tell which recording is which. If you record memos in different places i.e., at work, at home, or at the park, you can name voice memos by location.

Name Voice Memos By Location

Open the Settings app and tap the Voice Memos app. In order to name voice memos by location, the app must have access to your location. Tap the Location option at the top and allow the app to use your location while you’re using the app.

Once you’ve done that, scroll further down and tap Default Name. Change it from ‘Recording Number’ to ‘Current Location’.

The next voice memo you record will be named after your current location. If you record multiple voice memos in the same location, the file will be numbered after the location. The files will be named Location, Location 2, Location 3, etc.

For the voice memo to be named after a precise location, Apple Maps must have your area mapped out reasonably well. If it isn’t, the voice memos will normally just be named after your city and they will likely be far less useful than if they had your actual location or a nearby landmark at the very least.

Rename Voice Memo

You can always change the name later if you want. If you’re wondering how to edit the name of a voice memo, it’s pretty easy. To edit the voice memo’s name, select it and tap the three dots button. In the menu that opens, tap Edit. This will open a fairly complicated looking panel that lets you crop the file, among other things. Tap the name of the voice memo and you will be able to edit it.

You can edit the name of a voice memo regardless if it’a named by number or by location. If you’re having problems keeping track of your recordings with both naming schemes, you should try and make a habit of renaming them the second you create them. It may not always be convenient but it’s worth it to keep track of your voice memos.

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