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How To View Your Hotspot Connection Speed On Windows 10

On Windows 10, it’s ridiculously easy to create a hotspot. The Action Center has a toggle for it, you can change the password from the Settings app, and you can limit the connection to WiFi or Bluetooth. The Task Manager on Windows 10 tells you how much data speed you’re getting via your WiFi but when you enable the hotspot on your system, you can also view the hotspot connection speed.

SPOILER ALERT: Scroll down and watch the video tutorial at the end of this article.

Hotspot Connection Speed

First turn on the hotspot, and make sure that a device is connected to it. It must be using the connection for you to get the speed of the connection.

Open the Task Manager and go to the Performance tab. This is where you can see how your CPU, RAM, Disk, and GPU is performing and of course your WiFI adapter. When you enable the hotspot, you will see two WiFi entries here.

To differentiate between your WiFi network card, and your virtual hotspot, you need to select the WiFi graph and check which one says Microsoft Wi-Fi Direct Virtual Adapter at the top right. If it reads Intel, then that’s not the one you’re looking for.

Once you’ve found the right WiFi adapter, look for the Send and Receive fields. They will tell you how much speed your hotspot connection is giving.

If you look closely at the WiFi adapter listed in the left column, you will notice that the summary of information includes the speed information but it’s instantaneous. The graph will tell you how much speed you’re connection gives for as long as it’s connected.

You won’t be able to see how much data is being consumed, nor will you be able to tell how many devices are connected to the hotspot. If you need to know how many devices are connected, you need only open the Action Center and look at the toggle for Mobile Hotspot. You can connect up to 8 devices to your PC’s hotspot and the toggle will tell you how many, out of the 8, you’ve connected.

If you want more insight on the connection you can try a third-party app or, you can install one on the device that’s connected to your PC’s hotspot. The information can help troubleshoot problems you might be having with your PC’s hotspot and it’s also a quick way to look up the IPv4 and IPv6 address for your virtual adapter. You can also tell what the connection strength is, and copy the information if you want.

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