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NC Enough Sets iPhone NC To Cover Only As Much Screen As Needed

The Notification Center of jailbroken iOS devices is often filled with interesting widgets and toggles that make our lives much easier. No matter how bloated your NC has become though, it is likely that whenever you invoke it, there will be a reasonable amount of empty space at the bottom of everything. With an iPad, on the other hand, things are completely different. The Notification Center is always just large enough to let everything fit inside it. As soon as you get rid of pending notifications, the NC shrinks back to its minimum size. If you like this feature, and want the NC to behave this way on your iPhone as well, NCEnough is the perfect tweak for you. Other features of the tweak include letting users change the color of the NC (a bit like Custom NC Background), and keeping the SpringBoard accessible even when the Notification Center is active.

NCEnough iOS Settings NCEnough iOS Thin NCEnough-iOS_

NCEnough trims down the Notification Center as soon as you install it – no configuration required. That said, there are still plenty of options available that can make the NC even more awesome. To tinker with the tweak, head to the menu it adds to the stock Settings app. There are two ways of using NCEnough; you can choose to keep the area behind the NC functional at all times, even when the Notification Center is dragged down, or you can have the tweak dim down everything that is in the background. If the screen remains active, this means that your full screen apps won’t get temporarily frozen every time you check your notifications – something that can come in handy while playing games. A rather curious option in the first section of the NCEnough settings is labeled ‘Keep status bar at bottom’. If you toggle this option on, the status bar is pushed down every time the NC is invoked. This features is the exact opposite of the previously covered Status Bar Switcher, but not too less useful than that.

NCEnough offers a lot of options that can be used to alter the visual aspects of the Notification Center. Transparency level (or alpha value, in technical terms) and the background color can both the chosen by the users. There is even an option to randomize the background color each time NC is invoked.

The last, and probably rather useless, option in the NCEnough menu is ‘Make NC thinner’. While the tweak takes care of the NC’s height automatically, you can reduce its width using the options provided in this menu. We called it useless because on an iPhone’s rather small screen, the end results of thinning down the NC aren’t very becoming.

NCEnough costs $0.99, which is fair enough for a tweak that offers so much. Give it a go by heading to the BigBoss repo of the Cydia store.

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