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News360 For iPhone Gets A New Interface & Better Feed Management

News360 is among the most popular iOS apps of its genre and that is why its developers have updated it quite regularly in the past. Having said that, the iOS client of News360 had been pretty much dormant for almost a year, with only minor changes rolled out in terms of interface. Now however, the app has finally received a much-needed UI overhaul. If you have been using News360 as your primary news source on the iPhone for a long time, this change in the app’s looks is sure to please you. Interface is not the only thing that has changed about News360 though, and the app is now much more accommodating towards new users. Configuring new feeds is much easier, and the newly added ‘Home’ section combines top stories from all the categories of your choice, so you don’t have to constantly switch between menus to get completely up to speed with topics of your interest. To top everything off, News360 is now optimized for iPhone 5!

News360 iPhone Setup News360 iPhone Assemble

New users will get a step-by-step configuration menu to help them get the most out of News360. The most popular topics are suggested by the app itself, while you can manually add keywords once you reach the end of the recommendations list. Just key in the topic into the search box, and let News360 find its feed for you. It is also possible to import your social data to the app from Facebook, Twitter, Evernote, Google+ and Google Reader. Hit ‘Assemble News360’ when you are done with the configuration.

News360 iPhone Menu News360 iPhone Home

The brand new ‘Home’ section is the first to show up once you have set everything up. You can switch to list view from the app’s Settings menu, but the more fun way of doing things is to swipe through the screens to read all the articles. Swiping sideways navigates between items while an upward swipe opens the details page. Hit the upper-left button to go to the topics list. You can rearrange this list by entering edit mode.

News360 iPhone Story News360 iPhone Share

With the recent update, News360 remains as intelligent as ever. You can like or dislike stories to make the app learn your preferences. The sharing menu looks a lot like the native iOS 6 one, complete with grid layout and a bundle of services.

News360 is an iPhone app available as a free download in the App Store. If you aren’t already using it, take it on a spin to check out its intuitive new interface and convenient configuration procedure.

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