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How To Open The Notification Center On iPhone X

The notch on iPhone X is mostly regarded as a poor design choice. It may be poor design but some iPhone X users find this design sets the device apart from other phones that try to mimic it. The notch might be an eye-sore but it also comes with a slight complication. On other iPhone models, users swipe down from the top, usually somewhere in the middle, to open the Notification Center. You can’t do that on iPhone X because the middle is occupied by the notch which doesn’t recognize gestures. So how do users open the Notification Center on iPhone X? The trick is in the notch.

Notification Center On iPhone X

The notch divides the top of the screen in to a left and right panel. Users have taken to calling the top bits of the divided screen ears. These ears aren’t just a result of the hardware design. They’re designated areas that recognize swipe gestures and respond accordingly. In fact, the left and right ear respond differently to a swipe gesture.

To open Notification Center on iPhone X, you need to swipe down on the left ear. If you’re wondering what happens when you swipe down on the right ear, it opens the Control Center on iPhone X.

The notch might seem like a design compromise that Apple had to make with its all-screen phone. Some people even speculate that the notch is a sign that Apple gave up on design and knew it could rely on its brand power alone to sell the phone. The way iOS works on iPhone X though points to the contrary. The notch may not be the sleekest design element on a device, nor the most polished thing that Apple has produced but the company has made its software i.e. iOS 11 work with it.

The ears aren’t just bits of screens on either side of the notch. They’re functional areas that give access to features. It may not be the most elegant way to pull down the notifications shade and perhaps users will struggle to remember which side opens the Control Center and which side opens the Notification Center but they’ll eventually get used to it.

Despite the hate the notch has gotten, the iPhone X is selling fairly well and there are little to no complaints regarding the UI or how the features are accessed. Anyone buying the device knows that with the home button gone, they’re going to have to learn to use the device all over again anyway.

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