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Pixplit Is A Collaborative, Social Photo Collage App For Android & iOS

Initially released in iTunes App Store and just recently made available to Android users, Pixplit is among the few cross-platform social photo sharing apps that actually justify their purpose of being truly ‘social’ and ‘interactive’. The app is built around the simple concept of social photo collage making, where a user starts a collage with a photo of their choice and then anyone from anywhere can contribute to the collage by adding images of their own. A typical Pixplit collage is referred to as a ‘split’, and comprises 2-4 empty slots that can be filled by that many different users. Like any quality photo editing app, Pixplit offers a wide array of filters and borders that you can apply to your images prior to sharing. In addition, the app boasts an extensive set of featured content shared by worldwide users who you can socialize with using various conventional socializing tools.


Whether you wish to see the sunset view from various parts of the globe in a single shot, find out how other children look sporting a Spiderman attire in comparison to your own kid, or have someone complement a specific image with something similar but from their own perspective, Pixplit is the app for you!

To get started, you’re required to log in to the app using your Pixplit or Facebook account. Don’t have a Pixplit account? You can register a new account for free from within the app by just providing your email address.


Past the login phase, you’re greeted by a couple of tutorial slides, followed by an Instagram-like live feed that lists all the latest splits (the app’s term for its collages)) shared by other Pixplit users. There are a couple of ways to discover and interact with all the shared content. There is a Completed tab that lists all the splits that have already been finalized with the required photos, and then there’s the Playground tab that contains frames that are yet to be finished. As mentioned earlier, you can pick any incomplete split and fill it with an image of your own. Remember that irrespective of the number of empty slots available per frame, you are allowed to fill just one slot in each split.


While exploring the app’s content, you can like a split, comment on it, share it further with your buddies, download it to your local photo library, or flag it for review if you find it inappropriate. In addition, you get to see relevant tags, contributors, number of likes & comments, relevant splits, and detailed profiles of each contributor. Besides the ability to follow a user, you can also find a list of all their unfinished splits that you can help finish with your photos. Moreover, you can jump to the profile pages of other users who’ve already contributed to chosen user’s splits.


From the feeds screen, you can tap the button at the top-left to head to the app’s home screen that lets you navigate to the popular & featured splits screens, your personal Pixplit screen, and the dedicated Pixplit news screen. It is also from this screen that you can search across the Pixplit network for users. The popular and featured sections of the app have plenty of gorgeous photo collages for your visual pleasure, and if you’re lucky enough to find an unfinished split, you can become a proud contributor to the masterpiece by sharing an equally enthralling photo of your own.


Want to start your own split? Just hit the camera button at the bottom, select the preferred frame layout, fill the available slot by capturing a fresh shot or importing one from your device’s gallery, adjust the image’s layout using the available editing tools, decide your sharing and tagging preferences, and publish the split on the Pixplit network.

Like its iOS counterpart, Pixplit for Android is available in the market absolutely free of cost. You can grab the app by visiting the Play Store link provided below.

Download Pixplit For Android

Download Pixplit For iOS

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