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Easily Download & Launch Sysinternals & Nirsoft Utilities With WSCC

Having too many applications installed on your computer can eventually slow it down. You may already know that different programs and their associated services running in the background consume system resources, adversly effecting the overall performance of your computer. Having individual applications installed might not seem like that big of an issue but having complete software suites such as Puran Utilities – – a collection of various tools to perform different operations such as cleaning junk data, managing files and uninstalling software – installed on your computer can have a bigger impact on system performance. Instead of installing a bunch of utility suites, you can just use WSCC (Windows System Control Center). It is a portable application that lets you install, update, execute and organize tools from different software suites, as well as several built-in Windows tool, all from one interface. Other than the available utilities, it lets you install and automatically update several other tools from within the interface as well. Keep reading to find out more about WSCC.Since the application is available in both portable and installable versions, you have the freedom to download the variant of your choice. When you launch the application, the Option dialog pops up, allowing you to configure the general as well as software, network and console-related settings of the application.


Next, you are shown a list of applications that can be installed on the system. There is a huge problem with this list though, that all the apps are selected by default and you cannot uncheck all the apps with one click, meaning you have to go through the whole list and manually uncheck every application that you don’t want, to keep it from getting installed on your system. The developer should add an option that allows you to uncheck all the tools in one go, otherwise it just seems like a huge waste of time.

Update Manager

The main interface contains a bunch of apps divided into several categories accessible from the left side, namely All items, Sysinternals Suite, NirSoft utilities and Windows. There are further categories the main ones to help you quickly locate tools that can be used for a particular function.


Each tool is listed with a description that explains its exact purpose. Clicking the icon in front of the description launches the tool.


If you are looking for a particular tool, or tools that can do a particular job, you can search the whole library by entering your query in the provided search field at the top-right region of the main interface.

WSCC Search

WSCC works on both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8.

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