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rabt For iOS Offers Non-Stop Video Viewing Tailored To Your Taste

The ever-expanding archives of the internet only increase its usefulness, but there are some negative aspects to the phenomenon as well. With so much data floating around, it is not always the easiest of tasks to come across items that are really worth your time. While search engines can help you a great deal, there is still no way of keeping yourself entertained or well-informed without considerable effort. That is why services and apps that can automatically curate content for users have started trending in recent years. For videos specifically, iOS has apps like Epoch and Squrl that can give you hours of fun. rabt is the latest addition to this genre of the App Store, but rather than coming up with random content that the app thinks is good, the preferences of the users are taken into account. rabt does allow its users to filter out certain video categories, but it is also possible to just sit back and enjoy the videos the app comes up with on its own.

rabt iOS Login rabt iOS Quiz

rabt only works if you sign up for a new app-specific account from its welcome screen. The sign up options include email, Twitter, and Facebook. Before it can show any videos, rabt has to gauge the user’s taste, which it does by presenting them with a graphical quiz. The quiz is pretty simple; users are presented with a few questions, each consisting of two pictures. Every question has to be answered by choosing one photo that you think is better than the other.

rabt iOS Video

Most videos shown by rabt are from YouTube, but there are some other sources supported as well. To teach the app your preferences, hit the green or red buttons to register your like/dislike. Hitting either of these buttons acts as a trigger for the next video, so only leave your rating when you want to move on. The playback controls are pretty basic, with a pause/play button and a seek bar being the only available options.

rabt iOS Category rabt iOS Share

If merely making the app better for the future isn’t enough for you, it is also possible to take matters into your own hands right away. Hit the ‘+’ button and select the order of preferences for video categories. Drag a category to a higher position for more videos related to it.

If you really like a video shown in rabt, hit the share button to let the world know. The sharing options include Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and email.

rabt is a free and universal app that can certainly help you in killing a lot of time, and might even come up with some useful clips every once in a while. Give rabt a go by heading to the link below.

Install rabt from App Store

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