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Reebok Fitness Maps Out A Workout Routine For iPhone & Android Users

Since the days of the original iPod, iOS devices and fitness have always gone hand-in-hand. If nothing else, most people use their smartphone for listening to music while they are jogging or working out. With the passage of time, the app collections of Android and iOS started expanding and a lot of fitness-related tools gained popularity on both platforms. Endomondo and the entire Nike+ series demonstrate the true potential of the smartphones as your fitness trainer. Another nice addition to this genre of apps is Reebok Fitness – an official release by the famous sports equipment manufacturer. Unlike some of the Nike apps though, Reebok Fitness does not require you to own any accompanying piece of hardware to make the app work properly. Anyone with an Android or iOS device can use this app to get a full fitness plan, fine-tuned to be accommodated in your daily routine.

Reebok Fitness iOS Welcome Reebok Fitness iOS Program

To use Reebok Fitness, you need a Reebok account. If you don’t have one, the app offers a registration screen where you just have to provide your name, email ID and a new password (which must contain at least one numeral). Once you have signed up, you can start creating a fitness program for yourself. Reebok Fitness doesn’t make its users do too much work in this regard, and you just have to choose the categories that should be incorporated in your routine. The available workout types include running, yoga, walking, dancing and training. Drag the slider next to each category to specify your level of interest in it.

Reebok Fitness iOS Schedule Reebok Fitness iOS Menu Reebok Fitness iOS Settings

Based on your choice of categories, Reebok Fitness outlines a complete program, and even offers to add it to your default calendar. Just one workout session is planned for each day, but you can easily change any aspect of the plan by hitting the ‘Edit’ button and dragging the entries to a new location. To make sure users don’t forget about their fitness resolutions, Reebok Fitness sends them push notifications at the workout times.

Reebok Fitness iOS Workout Reebok Fitness iOS Timer Reebok Fitness iOS Summary

The workouts suggested by the app vary in nature, depending upon the categories you choose. Users are provided a brief description of the exercise they are expected to perform during the course of the session. There are also occasional videos and graphical instructions. Some workouts have a timer to go with them, which ensures that you never have to use another app while you are in the midst of a Reebok Fitness session.

Reebok Fitness uses a Game Center-like achievements concept to gee users on. You can share your achievements and workout reports over social media or by using email. The app is available for free on both iOS and Android, so give it a try if you want some organization in your exercise routine.

Download Reebok Fitness For iOS

Download Reebok Fitness For Android


  1. Strange, the play store is indicating “This item cannot be installed in your device’s country.”

    I wonder if this is an error in their play store submission or if they intend to disallow Canadian users.

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