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How to speed up a video on the iPhone

iPhones are some of the most commonly used devices for taking photos and videos. iOS has a pretty good stock camera app and you can always find better, more advanced apps in the App Store. The Camera and the Photos app on iOS support basic editing when it comes to videos however, beyond a simple trim, there isn’t much you can do. If you need to speed up a video on an iPhone, you need an app. We recommend using iMovie. It’s a feature-rich video editor from Apple and if you bought a device originally running iOS 8, or later, you already own it.

Speed up video on iPhone

Open iMovie and create a new Movie project. Select the video you’d like to speed up. Remember that when you speed up a video, its total duration will be reduced. We’re working with a 20-second clip that will be reduced to almost half. Once you select the video, tap ‘Create Movie’. Tap the movie on the timeline and you will see editing controls appear at the bottom. The second button on the bottom controls will let you speed up or slow down a video. Tap it.

The speed control will reveal a slider that you can use to speed up or slow down the video. If you drag it left, towards the tortoise, the video will slow down. If you drag it towards the right, it will speed the video up. If you only want to speed up a portion of the video, you should first split it and isolate the part you want to speed up. Select the split part (tap on it), and then use the speed slider to speed it up.

When you’re done, tap ‘Done’ at the top left. To save the video, tap the share button at the bottom and select ‘Save Video’. A copy of the video will be saved to your camera roll where you can then view it.

The speed slider tells you via icons which way the movie speeds up and slows down but it also tells you much faster or slower the video is.  By default, the counter is set to 1x and when you move the knob on the slider, the figure updates to show you how much slower or faster the video is compared to the original speed.

Speeding up a video will also impact any sound that accompanies it. If the sound isn’t important in the video, you can tap the speaker icon and mute the sound for the entire clip.

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