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Stezza Is A Metro-Inspired iPhone Music Player Ideal For Road Trips

The Modern UI offered by Windows Phone and Windows 8 is not just aesthetically unique; it also makes it really easy for users to navigate between different apps. After all, it is always more convenient to tap or click a tile, rather than a small icon. You might not be in favor of having Modern UI for the entire OS but in some apps, it can undoubtedly be of use. One can certainly make a strong case for feature-rich music apps, but when you are driving or just aren’t in the mood for navigating through a myriad of options to start listening to a song, a music player with a Windows Phone-like interface might be just what you need. Stezza is a music app for iPhone and iPod touch devices aimed at providing users the best way of enjoying their song collection, especially while they are driving or are busy elsewhere.

Stezza iOS

Apps like CarTunes and Toones are pretty minimal in terms of their UI, but they still have a lot of options and gestures that users must master before their lives can get any easier. Stezza, on the other hand, is all about controlling music through large tiles. The app works in both portrait and landscape modes, making it perfect for use in a car dock. To choose a track or playlist, tap the first tile in the top row. During playback, the album art of the song and other information associated with it are displayed on two separate tiles. To view upcoming tracks (if you are listening to a playlist), hit the tile with the written information on it. There are three big tiles for pause/play, moving to the next song or returning to the previous one.

Stezza iOS Albums Stezza iOS Menu

To change the playback volume, you can either use the two hardware keys on your device, or employ the tiles dedicated specifically to this purpose. Other tiles let you access the Stezza options menu or change the app’s theme color. Stezza supports many colors, and you can switch between them by repeatedly hitting the tile with the block icon on it.

Since the whole essence of Stezza is simplicity, even its options menu has just three toggles. You can shuffle a playlist, put a track on repeat or keep the screen permanently on for as long as the app is running in the foreground. Like the old Music app, Stezza deals with both podcasts and music.

Stezza has gone free from its usual price of $0.99, but only for a limited time. The app looks great on both iPhone and iPod touch, so do give it a try by heading to the link provided below.

Download Stezza For iOS

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