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Take Screenshots Of Selective Screen Areas In iOS With ScreenshotPlus

Tweaks like IsMyFlash and Capture View have already shown that something as simple as screenshot capability can be enhanced a great deal in iOS, but no screenshot-related tweak has ever been as useful as the new ScreenshotPlus. People rarely use their captured screenshots without first editing them to some extent. Although the stock Photos app offers basic editing options like enhancement and cropping, why bother using that when now there is a way of cropping screenshots even before you capture them. ScreenshotPlus is an Activator-based tweak, which displays an adjustable frame with a capture button that can be used whenever you want to take a screenshot of only a part of the screen. The tweak even shows the exact dimensions of the selected area so that users can grab accurate screenshots in a quick and efficient manner.

ScreenshotPlus iOS Settings ScreenshotPlus iOS Activator

Having Activator installed on your iPhone is a prerequisite for using ScreenshotPlus, since the only way of invoking the tweak’s adjustable border and capture button is by performing a gesture of your choice. To configure ScreenshotPlus, head to the Activator menu in the stock Settings app, and assign a universal gesture to the tweak. This universal gesture is helpful if you want to use the tweak within an app or on the lock screen.

ScreenshotPlus iOS SpringBoard ScreenshotPlus iOS App

ScreenshotPlus doesn’t mess with the existing screenshot capabilities of iOS, so you can take the usual screenshots by pressing the Home and Power buttons together. To capture a targeted screenshot though, you have to perform the chosen gesture. Once the tweak’s dialog shows up, you can drag around the border using any of the multiple handles on the edges and corners. Whenever an edge of the box touches the screen’s edge, the border turns green from its usual blue. If you kept the ‘Show dimensions’ option toggled on from the tweak’s Settings menu, the area of the selected region is shown by the numeric value just below the border. When the dimensions are right and you are ready to capture the screenshot, hit the camera icon next to the selection border. The screenshots are saved in their cropped state in the camera roll, just like normal screenshots.

ScreenshotPlus can prove to be a useful tweak to have on your iPhone on several occasions. When you stop and think about it, the tweak is doing nothing more than saving you a few additional steps, but that isn’t a bad bargain for a mere $0.99. You can grab ScreenshotPlus from the BigBoss repo of Cydia store.

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