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Translate And Send Text From Inside The iOS Keyboard

The internet and the overcrowded market of messaging apps have more or less removed any barriers to communication that may have existed a few decades ago. Sending someone across the globe a message is easier than having food delivered to your home and even language isn’t an obstacle anymore. Lot of services let you translate text and support a large number of languages. Meet TransKey, a free iOS keyboard app that lets you type and translate text from the keyboard. The app supports lots of languages including Klingon. You can write something and have the app translate it for you, or you can copy text and paste it in the app’s keyboard to see what it means.

Install TransKey and go to Settings>General>Keyboard to enable it. The keyboard will need full access to be able to translate text. You will need to use both the default language keyboard and TransKey when you want to translate text.

Using the normal keyboard, type in the text you want to translate and copy it to the clipboard. Then switch to the TransKey keyboard and click the Pasteboard button to paste it. The app will translate the text and buttons to copy and insert text will replace the Pasteboard and Translate buttons.

You can then copy the text and paste it to some other app, or you can use the Insert button to insert it in place of the text you typed in your native language.

TransKey-text TransKey-translate

The app can automatically detect the input language and translate it to your language of choice. You can select which language to translate to by tapping it in the keyboard, or by going to the app itself.

On a personal note, this app is going to be very useful for when I need to talk to my spanish-speaking guild mates.

Install TransKey From The App Store

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