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Turn Your To-Do List Into A Game And Level Up When You Get Things Done [iOS]

Productivity apps are always going to be in demand and developers will always continue to look for ways to help us manage email better, remember things we’re prone to forgetting, tackling tasks in the right order, etc. To-do lists and task managers lead in this category and they offer monetary rewards, coupons, calendar and email integration, and much more in a bid to motivate you to work. Quest is a To-do list managing app crossed with a game. You create lists, your tasks are individual ‘quests’ and as you complete each quest, you level up. The app is aimed at those who are likely to be motivated by a ‘reward’. In this case, the reward comes in the form of levels that you clear.

Quest doesn’t have a social aspect to it and you are essentially the only player which means you do not have to create any sort of account to use the app. The app is heavily gesture based; swipe down to add a new task, swipe down on the list name to create a new list category, swipe a task to the left to delete, and to the right to mark as done. Each task is accompanied by a pixelated character reminiscent of older games.

quest_lists quest_to-do.png

When you swipe a task to mark it as complete you earn a ‘reward’ i.e. a jewel/gem and as you collect more and more of these, you level up. The app definitely has a fun factor to it and it has the sounds and animation to make it seem like an arcade style game. The app does not let you add a date or time to your to-do items which means there is no ticking time clock on when you have to get things done. You can drag & drop tasks one over the other to rearrange them.

quest_gem quest_settings

The rewards which, although are pointless like Reddit upvotes and my current ranking on King of Thieves, may give users a sense of accomplishment each time they level up. It’s possible Quest is targetting gamers who might consdier its reward system to be more meaningful or just enough fun that they stick to using the app. For others like myself, the app presents a nice fun interface that one might get hooked to.

Install QUEST : Level up your life From The App Store

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