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View Endless Streams Of Vine Videos On Your iPad With VineTube

Countless examples have shown in the past that merely being a brainchild of some giant company doesn’t ensure an app’s success. Google, Microsoft and Apple have all been forced to shut down certain services that the masses simply refused to use. Some might have expected Twitter’s Vine to meet the same fate, but people have taken to it pretty quickly. More and more Vine videos are showing up on almost every Twitter user’s timeline, despite the fact that the app is presently available only for iOS. We are sure Vine’s popularity will soar when its Android version is released, but we’ve got to wait for it for now. Even the iOS app isn’t optimized for the iPad yet, which is a source of frustration for many tablet users. Creating and uploading videos in Vine’s letterboxed version isn’t much of an issue, but you just can’t enjoy browsing through the service’s video collection without a dedicated tablet-optimized client. In Vine Flow, Android already has a pretty decent app for discovering and viewing Vine videos, and now, there is an app by the name of VineTube that basically brings the same idea to the iPad, albeit with a slightly different implementation.

VineTube iPad Instructions

VineTube is a really simple app, and doesn’t come with a huge feature list. You might be tempted to think that it takes simplicity a step too far by not offering search capabilities, but the app isn’t meant to be used that way. VineTube is basically designed to look like a retro TV, and act like one as well. Users only have limited control over the videos that get played. To learn about the app, hit the button with the gear icon on it. VineTube offers eight channels, all serving videos with different popular hashtags. Here is a list of all the channels currently available on VineTube:

  1. Newest
  2. Cats
  3. Dogs
  4. Stop Motion
  5. Animation
  6. Food
  7. SF
  8. Magic

VineTube iPadEach channel has a button of its own, enabling users to switch to a new video stream quickly. While a video is being loaded, VineTube shows a nice animation that mimics the static of old analog TVs. As the app is an endless video viewer, you can just choose a channel, leave it on your desk or a dock and keep watching one Vine video after another without having to do anything else.

Until a better alternative for the iPad arrives, VineTube should do it for many of us, but the app can certainly use a lot of improvements. The most obvious thing it needs is a search option, along with the ability to control video playback. At least the app won’t cost you anything, as it is available as a free download for the iPad, and you don’t even need to be a registered Vine user to enjoy its videos. So, go ahead and give it a shot – if not anything else, you might find it useful for familiarizing yourself with the whole concept behind Vine, and having fun watching interesting clips while at it.

Download VineTube For iPad

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