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Wallpaper Cyclr Periodically Changes iPhone Background Using Tumblr Images

For quite some time, PCs have had the ability to automatically cycle through wallpapers to keep things fresh on your desktop without any hassle. The feature has seeped through to smartphone platforms as well, as Android has some third-party apps that are capable of changing wallpapers automatically, whereas Windows Phone 8 came out with support for such apps as well. Strangely though, not many similar options have yet come to light for iOS, and the new Cydia tweak Wallpaper Cyclr is certainly among the pioneers of this genre. The tweak doesn’t cycle through images stored in your camera roll; it does something even cooler instead. With Wallpaper Cyclr, you get to define any number of tags, and the tweak then loads images related to these tags automatically and sets them as the background for both your iPhone’s lock screen & SpringBoard. It is even possible to make the tweak look for photos that fit a combination of the defined tags.

Wallpaper Cyclr iOS Tags Wallpaper Cyclr iOS Settings

As soon as Wallpaper Cyclr is installed, it comes into action and replaces the current wallpaper with one of its own from Tumblr. This is due to Cyclr being enabled by default upon installation, and although you can disable it from the tweak’s menu, the last wallpaper set on your device stays there.

Wallpaper Cyclr has a few tags that come predefined in its menu, but you can easily replace any of them with one of your own, or add new ones. Make sure there aren’t any spaces in the Tags list, and each keyword is separated from the next one with a comma.

To get images that use a combination of your defined tags, you’ll have to tinker with the ‘Tags to match’ field. For really picky users, the ‘All’ option is the best, as it makes Cyclr choose photos that have all the defined tags in them. If you choose a number, tag combinations are created at random.

Wallpaper Cyclr can change wallpapers after each hour, or twice a day, and you can choose this frequency from the ‘Hours between Cycles’ menu. In case you don’t like a wallpaper automatically set by Cyclr, it is possible to force a change by hitting the ‘Cycle wallpaper’ button. Last, but not the least, there is an option of viewing the current wallpaper on Tumblr’s web version.

Wallpaper Cyclr fetches for $0.99, and can be installed from the BigBoss repo of Cydia store.

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