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Wallpaper Plus Is A Complete Image Editing App For iOS [Jailbreak]

Have you ever found an image online that would make a great wallpaper if only you could crop a few pixels off the side and maybe resize it a bit? If so, it’s likely you ended up not using said image as your background unless you have a good photo editing app on your phone. Photo editing apps are very popular and the good ones are rarely free but if you have a jailbroken device, you should consider giving Wallpaper Plus a try. The app can be installed from the BigBoss repository and it’s everything you could ever want in a photo editing app. Originally meant to help you fix an image up to use as a wallpaper, this app can be used for just about any sort of photo editing needs; cropping, resizing, adding text, playing with the color tone of the image, adding stickers and emoticons, and more.

Launch the app and select a photo from your camera roll or take one with the camera. You will be more than familiar with the color effects and the cropping options the app supports. The crop tool features size presets so you can get a nice square image to use on Instagram. Filter effects can be applied, and brightness, contrast, and hue can be edited from the Adjustment option.

Wallpaper Plus effects Wallpaper Plus crop


These are all options that you’re more than familiar with since they are normally part of the most basic image editing apps. The real noteworthy features that makes you sit up and pay attention are the tonecurve and text options. Tap the Tonecurve option and drag the points on the graph you see on screen to manipulate the color tones.

The text tools are pretty good too; you can add a text in any size, color, and choose from a large selection of great fonts. The alignment of the text can also be changed to suit your needs.

Wallpaper Plus tonecurve Wallpaper Plus text options

Other image editing options include a resize tool,  the sticker and emoticons tools although the pickings in both are rather slim, and rotate and blur & focus tools.

Wallpaper Plus blur Wallpaper Plus emoticon

Tap done and the image will be added to the app’s own library where you have to then manually save it to the camera roll before you can use it as a wallpaper or share it on Instagram. Did I mention you can use the app for just about any image you want and that it’s free? Try it out and I doubt you’ll ever want to try another image editing app again.

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