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Watch Music Videos For The Songs In Your iTunes Library [iOS]

Music takes up substantial space on our phones. Rarely, if ever, would you save a music video to your phone because it takes up considerably more space and the videos are on YouTube anyway. Perhaps what you might like better is if you could just jump to the music video for one of your favorite songs without having to search for it. Vusic is a very simple and very awesome free iOS app that syncs music from your iTunes library and lets you watch official music videos for all songs that have one. The videos are played from YouTube. Vusic doesn’t download the videos and instead streams them live when you want to watch one.

Open Vusic and wait for it to scan and sync with your iTunes library. The app has tabs for sorting the videos by song, artist, and genre. You can create a video playlist of your video songs. Vusic will auto-generate a playlist based on frequently played videos. Tap a video to play it.

Vusic-songs Vusic

The video player lets you skip to the next or previous video, loop a video to play repeatedly, and have the videos play on shuffle. The player itself is plain and somewhat unpleasant to look at but you can always go full screen and avoid looking at it.

Vusic-player Vusic-player-1

In full screen mode, you can tap the screen to pause/play the video. It has no other controls in full screen mode. You can’t jump ahead in a video and if you want to do that, you will have to exit full screen mode first.


Vusic will not store any videos on your phone and will need an active internet connection to play a video so becareful using it over your carrier’s data plan.

Install Vusic From The App Store

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