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How to add an input language on macOS

macOS, like any other desktop operating system, supports multiple language input. Its support for other languages and input scripts is really good and mirrors that of iOS. It also has an on-screen keyboard that makes it easier for you to type if the keyboard on your Mac doesn’t make it easy to type in the language you’ve added. Here’s how you can add an input language on macOS.

Add input language

Open the System Preferences app by searching for it in Spotlight or by clicking the Apple menu in the menu bar and selecting Preferences. Go to the Keyboard preference and select the Input Sources tab.

You’ll see a column on the left and a plus button at the bottom of this column. Click it and another panel will appear with a search bar at the bottom. The panel has a list of all supported languages that you can type in on macOS. Scroll through the list or use the search bar to find the language you want to add. If you need to, you can also add a keyboard layout with it from the panel on the right. Select the language and click the Add button.

You can now use the second language to type in. To make it easier to switch between the two (or more) input languages that you’ve configured, you should enable two options on the Input Sources tab.

The first is the ‘Show input menu in the menu bar’ option, and the second is the ‘Use the Caps Lock key to switch to and from ABC’ option. The second option lets you change the input language by tapping the Caps Lock key.

The ‘Input menu in the menu bar’ option will add an icon to the menu bar which, when clicked, will reveal the various input languages that you’ve configured. If you decide to skip using the Caps Lock key toggle, you can use this menu instead to quickly change the input language. Additionally, you can use the Show Keyboard Viewer option in the menu to get a virtual on-screen keyboard and use it to type in the language that you’ve added.

The icon will also indicate which is the current input source so it’s pretty useful to enable it.

If you want to remove a language, open the System Preferences app. Go to the Keyboard preference and select Input Sources. Select the language you want to remove and click the minus button to remove it.

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