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Check Websites For Bad Links And Invalid References With Integrity [Mac]

One thing which should be considered to maintain the integrity of a website is that it must not have too many broken links, as they don’t only harm website reputation but annoy many visitors as well. If you’re looking for a tool to inspect all bad links, including, invalid and dead hyperlinks and query strings, missing anchor tags, check out Integrity for Mac. Integrity is developed to be a simple inspection tool. All it requires is a website URL address and it will start inspecting all the internal links for dead ends, broken media links, and other problems. Being a simple web crawler, it checks the overall integrity of given website by inspecting all the bad links, error pages, invalid entries with options to include and exclude specified URL keywords from search process.

All the search filtering options are lying on the main interface. Before entering your website address, it’s advisable to specify keywords for commonly received links, so it will not check them during the process. Apart from this, you can also define whitelist and blacklist for URLs which are to be included and excluded from the inspection process.

integrity 1

If you want to check only a single webpage instead of whole website, enable Check this page only option. Under this section, you can enable inspection for broken images, archive pages while crawling, and to ignore querystrings. After you’ve configured the settings, enter your website URL and click Go to begin inspection.

It will start detecting bad links in real time as it goes through different areas of your website,. Underneath the toolbar, you can see total number of links which have been checked along with total number bad links found. To mark down all the bad links, you can use Check bad links option on toolbar to highlight all of them.

integrity 2

Further inspection can be performed by selecting Inspect selected option, which will open the selected bad link in separate window, showing referral webpages, cause of bad link with the title of the page.

link inspector 2

Integrity is a useful tool for webmasters who constantly need to check their website for bad links and images. It works on Mac 10.6.4 – 10.6.6

Download Integrity

Want a similar tool for Windows, check out Fast Link Checker Lite.


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