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Create And Edit HTML Web Pages In Mac With HTMChen

Do you hate to bring up one hefty IDE each time to do simple tweaking with HTML file? HTMChen is designed for those Mac users who want to instantly create and edit HTML files without loading one memory hog development kit. It offers all the basic HTML tags including, br, p, li, ul, img, span, code, pre, etc., on the toolbar, which can be applied by only selecting the HTML content followed by a click on required tag. This comes particularly useful in creating HTML pages from a scratch without having to enclose HTML content in required tags manually.

Furthermore, it supports a long list of other HTML styles and tags, such as, heading tags, span elements, small & emphasized text, make uppercase, make lowercase and so on, which can be used to do basic styling over HTML elements and to handle headings, divisions, ordered and unordered lists in most appropriate fashion.

Usage is utterly simple. Either open the HTML file or copy the HTML content from any source to the main window. It will instantly highlight the syntax and show the complied result in bottom pane. If you are creating a new HTML file, add the content and then select the HTML element tag either from toolbar or right sidebar to enclose it automatically.

htmlchen 1

With minimal configuration to set up, you won’t have to associate file types, compiled window options, and other syntax highlighting settings. The compiled window is very responsive, as it generates results in real-time. By default, it is set to refresh the page automatically, however, you can click a small refresh button at the bottom to reload the page preview.

In Preferences window, you can change the default font family & size and toggle Automatic refresh preview option.


It runs on Mac 10.4 – 10.6.

Download HTMchen

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