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Crop, Stretch & Set A Single Background Across Multiple Mac Displays With Multi Monitor Wallpaper

Working with multiple monitors on Mac OS X takes a little adjusting to; managing windows and having the taskbar and dock on only one display are just some things that need getting used to. While working with multiple displays involves window management tools and perhaps a more efficient app launcher and switcher, one aspect that is often ignored, is the wallpaper. OS X does not split or divide the wallpaper across the two (or more) screens you’re using; rather, it adds the wallpaper separately as a separate image to each one. Multi Monitor Wallpaper is a Mac App worth $1.99 in the Mac App store that lets you cut an image and set it as a wallpaper that spans over both screens. The app lets you use an image on your hard disk or search your Flickr stream for something widescreen and suitable.

Images from your system can be added from the Pick from file button. You can choose images from Flickr by clicking the Flickr button just below it. Multi Monitor Wallpaper has a built-in browser for Flickr. Once the image is selected, return to the home screen and click Edit to manage the layout. You will see several options for adjusting the image along with a preview of the area. Tests showed that the best image fit was with the spread screen layout. You can adjust the an image manually or use the existing functionality to do it.

There are two tabs for dragging and adjusting; Image and Screens. Each allows you to pan the respective item to fit the image or move the displays together/apart. An image can be zoomed in or stretched out but this might pixelate it. Remember that even a high resolution image might seem some loss in picture quality since it is being spread across two screens instead of one. Conversely, if the displays aren’t large, you might not notice the change in quality.


It isn’t clear how many displays Multi Monitor Wallpaper supports, but as far as functionality goes, it works great. The image you create is saved to your desktop in the app’s own format and you can re-use it in the future if you like. Although it might seem like a splurge at $1.99, it makes it easy to set wallpapers across multiple displays, which is something you might normally spend a lot of time on if you were to do it manually.

Get Multi Monitor Wallpaper From Mac App Store


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