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Dash: Create A Code Snippet Library For Frequently Used Code [Mac]

A programmers job isn’t easy; writing lines and lines of code, and sometimes staring at the same bit of code for days, trying to find just what’s messing up an otherwise perfectly executable program. Dash is a Mac app that might make life for programmers somewhat easier. If you often have to code in different languages, and find it annoying to write or re-write your frequently used code snippets, this app just might be the thing. It allows you to save snippets of code, sorted by programming language, and searchable not just by their title, but also by content. This makes it easy to quickly copy a code template, or to modify an existing one.

Once installed, the app will run in the system menu bar, and will have to opened from there. Each time you click anywhere outside the app’s interface, the app minimizes to the menu bar and has to be accessed from there again.


The app’s interface comprises of a basic search bar with a cat, much to the likeness of the infamous Cheshire cat, in its upper right corner. At the lower right corner of the bar is a button, clicking which expands the app’s interface, as does searching for a snippet.

The interface expands to reveal a central window pane, where the snippet is displayed, and an expandable side panel, which lists tags for frequently used snippets. From the drop down, you can select which language the snippet is for, and from the cog wheel button, you can choose where to save a snippet to. If you want, you can add a folder destination in Dropbox, where the code will be saved for even remote access.

To add a snippet, click the Add New Snippet button, type in a title for the snippet, enter code and select the language. Once you’re done, hit Command + S to save.

Dash add new

To search a snippet and open it for copying or editing, type in a part of the snippet name. The app searches for the relevant code as you type, and lists all matches. Double click a result to open the code. Below the code are three buttons; Copy, Delete & Edit. Copying the code will copy it to your clipboard for editing.

Dash Edit snippet

The app can be extremely handy for both skilled and newbie programmers. It can serve as a repository for recalling the correct syntax, and also offer you quick access to frequently used code. If nothing else, the grinning cat is a winner.

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