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Encode Videos Or Extract Their Audio Using Mac Finder [Tip]

The Finder in Mac is generally just a file explorer with no hardcore features that would warrant calling it anything else, but it isn’t really as bare as it seems. As far as videos are concerned, the Finder can do much more. Specifically, you can use the Finder to encode and resize videos, as well as to extract their audio. The feature, built into Mac, requires no codecs to be installed, and works only on files that Mac supports. Hence, Flash files cannot utilize this encoding, but the common MP4s can be used without needing to think twice.

Right click a video file in Finder, and look for the Encode Selected Videos Files option, which will likely be under Services.

Encode Selected Videos Files

An Encode Media  window will open, asking you for the output size of the video and whether you want to encode it for better compatibility or better quality. From the Settings dropdown, choose the size and from the Encode for dropdown, choose from between compatibility and quality. Select the output destination of the file, and uncheck Same as source file if you don’t want it saved to the same folder and define a new location. Click Continue when done.

encode media

When Finder starts working, i.e., encoding, a cogwheel appears in the Menu Bar to indicate that it is working in the background. When the video has been encoded, the cogwheel disappears on its own. It doesn’t provide any notifications of sorts, so you will have to click it to see what is going on.

encode selected video   workflow compelte

That’s all there is to it. The Encode Media window also gives you information about the data rate of the video and which Apple products it is compatible with. You may encode video files in batches. To extract the audio from a file, select Audio Only from the Settings dropdown, and you’re good to go.

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