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Enqueue Is Minimalist Music Player With Folder Monitoring & Last.fm Support [Mac]

If you’ve been looking for iTunes alternative that can play and manage your iTunes Music Library, you may want to have a look at Enqueue. It’s a minimalist music player for Mac OS X that includes a host of features including drag&drop support, track tagging, keyboard media keys support, audio equalizer and more. Moreover, it not only supports importing iTunes Library to playlist but also provides you with features that are not available in iTunes such as Last.fm support, global hotkeys, and FLAC and OGG file support.

Apart from using iTunes Library, you can create now playing playlist via drag & drop. Once dropped over the application, it will automatically start playing them in the required order. Enqueue comes packed with an efficient folder monitoring feature to automatically update the playlists. This saves you from manually managing the playlists, as you won’t have to insert the tracks into playlists after adding them to music folders. When you launch the application, it asks you to add tracks to the list. You can import tracks from iTunes library, add songs from music folders or specify the music folders that are to be monitored.

enq main

Once the track list is populated, it will automatically categorize the tracks into tag-based groups including Genre, Artist and Album to help you easily navigate through your music collection. The main window displays all the tracks added to the list with 3 panes namely Genre, Artist and Album in main window. The left sidebar holds the music player, playback, volume and track navigation controls.

enqueue main

From Playlists tab, you can manage your current and iTunes playlists. It allows you to create a duplicate playlist, and delete & rename selected playlist. The Add Playlist option (present underneath the search bar) lets you include a new playlist to the list.

add playlist

The History feature shows playback count in different groups including Top Artists, Top Songs, Recently Added and Recently Played. It helps you view the artists and tracks that you frequently listen to.


The Preferences tab includes the music folder monitoring option. You can choose to add Downloads folder to the Monitored Folders list in order to automatically add the songs to the playlist from Downloads folder.

preferences 1

All in all, Enqueue is a fast, light-weight audio player for Mac OS X that doesn’t require creating playlists to manage music collection. It’s in beta testing phase and works on Mac 10.5 and higher.

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