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ePic: Elegant Flickr, Picasa, 500px & iPhoto Image Viewer For Mac [Paid]

The default image viewer in Mac is pretty straightforward; it lets you view images and crop them. For normal bare bone image editing and viewing, it is more than enough, but if you compare it with the overall Mac interface, (which is downright gorgeous, to say the least) it looks ugly. ePic is an image viewer, available for $4.99 in the Mac App Store, which will make you want to view images just to have an excuse for using this app. It lets you view images from Flickr, 500px, iPhoto, Picasa and your local drive. The app also lets you use it’s stunning interface as a screensaver.

When the app is first launched, it will go to full screen by default. To load images, click the cog wheel and open the app’s preferences. You can exit full screen view by clicking the last button on the control panel.


From the Source tab, select one of the five sources for viewing mages. From the Preferences tab, you can specify whether you want to view the control panel, select an effect from the Transition Effect dropdown, and check the Start after inactivity option to use the app, complete with its interface, as a screensaver. If you check this option, an icon will appear in the system menu bar.

ePic preferences

The app lets you view images in what would best be described as a floating interface, images float across the background, making them feel as if they are alive. Double-clicking an image will open it. Click the play button to start a slideshow or swipe through to move to the next one.

ePic view

In addition to swiping to the next image, you can also use the navigation (up, down, left and right arrow) keys to move to the next image and in and out of the image view.

Get ePic From Mac App Store

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