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How To Add A Note To A Sketch File

Sketch is a popular and powerful image editing app but it doesn’t do much to help you organize the work you need to do on a particular project. Notes is a Sketch plugin that lets you create notes inside a Sketch file. The objective is to be able to record feedback or changes you need to make to a file inside it making it easier to find when you get to work.

Install Notes and open Sketch. Go to Plugins and you will see ‘Notes’ appear in the menu. Click it to add a note.


The note is designed to look like a sticky note; it’s a yellow square with a text box added to it. When you add a note, the text box is active so that you can start typing the note right away. You can apply text styles to the note. Every text style supported by Sketch can be used to stylize the text in the note.


Notes essentially adds a shape and a text box to your file. The plugin summarizes the whole process of adding a shape and text box into one click. You can replicate this without the plugin; simply add a yellow box to your file and a text box on top of it and you have your note.

Notes adds a note on top of the current layer. It groups the shape and the text box into a folder. It also automatically moves the layer you added the note to, to the same folder. This makes it easier for you to keep track of which layer you meant to implement changes in the note to.

The plugin does have its shortcomings; the note is essentially a shape and unless you hide a note after creating it, it will obstruct your other layers. With notes like this, there’s a chance you might accidentally delete a note since it is really just a text layer and text layers in Sketch can be deleted via the Delete key.

That said, Notes is still a reasonable way to add a note to your file. Make sure you have removed all notes from a file before you share it with anyone.

Download Notes

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