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HyperPDF: Magazine Reader That Mimics iPad’s Reading Experience On Mac

Whether it’s physical books or their electronic variants, if you’re into reading, the iPad is definitely one of the best devices to get your reading going. Then, there is a wide choice of apps that further help to enhance the reading experience. HyperPDF is a free Mac app that mimics reading on the iPad; the app supports swipe gestures, and using the trackpad, you can flip pages as if you were reading an actual book or reading it on the Apple’s popular tablet. In addition to the swipe gestures, the app resizes the file you’re reading when you resize the window, lets you annotate a page with shapes or free hand drawing and add notes. The app has three different viewing modes; Edition, Presentation and Reading.

The app does not support drag & drop, so to open a file, you’ll have to use the File > Open menu and browse for the file on your system. By default, the files are opened in Edition view. To change the view, click the dropdown arrow next to the file name and select Reading. Use two finger swipe to flip pages.


To add a note to the book, click the large A button on the top of the left panel and select the kind of note you want to add. Drag your moue over the PDF’s page to add the note. Alternatively, you can add a circle, a box, underline or strike out something and draw with a free hand from the same menu. These options are also accessible when you right-click a page.

HyperPDF notes

All notes can be viewed from the sidebar, as can the PDF’s pages. To modify the notes, go to the app’s preferences. From the General tab, you can chose how the files are opened and automatically backup notes. From the Display tab, choose the size of the thumbnails for pages and screenshots. The Notes tab lets you modify various parameters for Notes, including colors, fonts etc.

HyperPDF preferences

The only downside of the app is that it is free only as long as it is in beta. Try it out now, so you’ll know whether you want to buy the final version or not. If priced reasonably, it might just be one of the best PDF readers out there.

Download HyperPDF For Mac

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