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Image Resizer – Free Mac Batch Image Resize Tool

Image Resizer is a small utility from the same developer who bought you QuickTunes. It lets user resize the image and save it in JPG-format with medium level compression. Since it doesn’t include any advanced functionality, the basic usage is to resize and compress the images so that they can be uploaded to Facebook, Picasa, or send via Email.

The usage is dead-simple, click Choose Images and select all images that you want to resize. Now head over to Resize tab, enter a custom size in pixels, choose the destination folder, and hit Resize.

image resizer mac

image resizer px

Screenshots above are taken from developer’s page

Note that it resizes both dimensions at the same time, for e.g, if you select 200px, the result will be 200×200 image. Therefore this tool can be perfect for those who want to work with various logos or icons.

Download Image Resizer

It is developed for Mac only. Enjoy!

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