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Improve Your Reading Speed With iReadFast [Mac]

Are you habitual of reading lengthy articles daily but are struggling to read it faster, cannot concentrate, or feel uneasy? No matter you have to read huge emails or web pages containing massive paragraph, it takes a lot of time and requires concentration which may result in headaches or eyesight problems. Strange small fonts, short line spacing, or unclear text can do more damage. As you need to read enormous text in short time, iReadFast can help in these cases. It is a magical tool to enhance your reading speed and allow better concentration when reading.

It helps us in getting rid of word-to-word eye positioning on the screen. Simply copy the text which you want to read and paste it in the interface. Select font size, reading speed and you are done. It displays word by word text which can easily be grasped without moving your eyes.

You can bookmark text and add it to library so that it remains available for later reading. The simple interface and low system resources consumption makes it further appealing.

We tested it on Mac OS X version 10.6.4 .

Download iReadFast

For Windows, you can check out Speed Reader Enhanced.

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