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Itsy: Simple Twitter Client That Supports Growl Notifications [Mac]

TweetDeck is an extremely popular Adobe Air based Twitter client, with both a Mac and Windows PC version. TweetDeck is feature rich, and perhaps, an avid Twitter user’s dream; however, if you’re looking for something simpler, Itsy might be the answer. Itsy is a free Mac app that is perfect for the passive Twitter user. It supports Growl notifications, lets you view images, retweet tweets, favorite them, reply to them, view direct messages, mentions and search Twitter. The app regularly refreshes and checks for new tweets. It sits quietly in the menu bar, and while the window can be hidden by closing it, Itsy will continue to run and can be reopened from either the Dock or Menu Bar icon.

Connecting your Twitter profile with the app follows a bit of an unconventional process; when you first launch the app, you will see a button that reads Authorize Itsy… , an input field for entering a PIN and a Submit PIN button. Click Authorize Itsy… and the app will open a new tab in your browser, take you to Twitter and ask you to authorize the app, On authorization, you will be given a PIN number, which you have to enter and click Submit PIN.

The app will immediately pull all information from your account and list Tweets. It does not show new Tweets as they are tweeted; rather, it refreshes itself periodically and shows new Tweets as Growl notifications. There are four buttons at the top of the app window, from left to right, the home button lets you view you entire timeline, the @ button lets you view all mentions, the envelope lets you see all direct messages, and the search button lets you search twitter for users, trending topics or anything else.


When the app window is active, Itsy is the front most app and you can visit its preferences from the app menu. From the General tab in preferences, you can choose how images, menu items and links work, set a shortcut to show and hid the app and select which events i.e. new tweet, new mention or new direct message, you want to receive Growl notifications for. From the Themes tab in preferences, you can choose one of four themes for the app, you can download more themes or visit the developer site to learn how to make your own.

Itsy preferencesItsy themes

Even if the app window isn’t open and active, the app continues to alert you when you receive new tweets. It doesn’t let you edit tweets before reweeting them but, as mentioned before, it is more for the passive user.

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