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Quickly Switch Between VirtualBox Machines From System Tray [Mac]

VirtualBox Menulet is a tiny yet very useful application that lets you quickly open VirtualBox machines in Mac without opening the main VirtualBox application. As its name implies it is a small menulet which resides in system tray for quickly accessing the virtual machines.On launch, it automatically tries to detect the VirtualBox application. However, if failed, it asks you to locate the VirtualBox application from the local drive manually. It includes icons which show state of Virtual machine, for example it has a different icon for Virtual machine which is currently running and different for others. You can easily change machine order by appropriate buttons available at Preferences panel which can be accessed from system tray icon.

If you have multiple VirtualBox machines running on your Mac, this tiny application will save you time and system resources by quickly navigating through them. Enjoy!

Download VirtualBox Menulet

Note: Above Screenshot is taken from developer’s website.

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