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ManageMyFiles: Rename Multiple Files Individually With Status Check [Mac]

We have covered multiple batch file renamers that allow you to rename files on a given syntax, and recently, we covered FreshBatch, that allows you to replace any set of regular characters in a batch of files with any other character. ManageMyFiles is a free Mac app that lets you rename files individually but forgo the need to click each one. Files are added by dragging & dropping them on to the app’s interface, and editing the file name. Once you’ve renamed all files in the list, click the Commit button and the files will be renamed at the source. Although small in functionality, if you have to rename a lot of files, each one with a unique name, this app can be very useful.

The app’s interface is as intuitive as you could want it to be; drag & drop files to add them, select and hit the Delete key to remove them. The app’s interface is divided into three columns; Current name displays the current name of the file along with its extension, Work Area lists the current file’s name as well, but makes it editable. This is where you change the name of the file. The third column, Status, populates when you’ve entered a new name for the file.

When you’ve entered a new name for the file, the app checks to ensure that you are not giving two files the same name, and that you haven’t entered a file name that already exists at the same location. If the app detects you’ve entered the same name for two different files, it will show Duplicate in the status bar. If you’ve entered a name that already exists in the same folder/directory, the app will show Exists in the status area. ManageMyFiles only lets you change the file name, and although the file extension is editable, changing it might corrupt the file. In rare cases, like with the MP3 files that were renamed for testing purpose, the app does allow you to convert the format (from MP3 to OGG). It failed to convert an RTF file to PDF, and is, therefore, not recommended for use as a file converter.

This app isn’t like your usual file renaming apps, as it is meant to bypass selecting and renaming files individually. In the event that you have to rename a large number of files in the same folder, this app makes it easy to ensure you aren’t entering the same name for two files, or entering a name that already exists.

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