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ManageNameExt – Manage Name, Extensions & Modification Of Files In Mac

Like other OS platforms, including Windows and Linux, Mac doesn’t offer a convenient way to rename files in bulk, change file extensions, and change the accessed and modified date and time stamps of files. How about an application which lets you do all such file specific operations in one go? ManageNameExt is a nice application to change file extension, insert suffixes and prefixes in file title, remove and add widely known special characters into file names, change modification date and time stamps, show/hide extensions in titles, and to change the case of file names to upper, lower and title case.

ManageNameExt offers all the features and options on the main interface. First off, add files whose extensions and modification date stamps are to be changed. Once added, it shows complete path with extension and original modified time, while names listed in New Name column will show the file name that you change. If you’ve added folders, it allows you to manage their content by including sub folders and adding specified number of recursive until subfolder’s level.

From Names section, you can add prefixes, suffixes, change file titles case, change the name to purge for web, and append keywords. It shows changes in real time in New Name column. The Extensions and Modification date sections refer to change file extensions, append auto-incremented numbers to file names, and set the same modification date for all the listed files.

managenameext 2

After you’ve changed names, extensions and modification time, click Process to apply the changes to listed files. The Preferences window allows changing Find and Replace keywords, and add/remove web authorized characters that you may use while changing the names of files.

preferences 2

ManageNameExt works on Mac 10.6.2 or later

Download ManageNameExt (3rd program from top)

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