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Metanota: View, Create & Sync Notes From Your SimpleNote Account [Mac]

If you’re an avid SimpleNote user, you might be a little disappointed with the fact that its Mac app is still under wraps. As far as Apple’s ecosystem goes, you can only check notes on your iPad or iPhone. If you’re not good at waiting, and do not like to use the service’s web interface, you can download one of the many third party apps available for SimpleNote. Metanota is one such app; it is a free SimpleNote client for Mac that regularly checks for updates, syncs notes you’ve created on your iOS device to your desktop, and lets you view or edit them. The app supports a search feature and lets you create folders to keep your notes organized. The free version of Metanota is ad-supported, but that can be changed by upgrading to the full version (paid). The ad itself, however, is unobtrusive, and if you feel it doesn’t bother you much, you can continue using it without the upgrade.

The app’s interface is divided into three columns; the first column lists the folders and types (All, Favorite, or Deleted) of notes, the second one previews the title of all notes in the selected folder or category, while the third column lets you view and edit a note. You will have to sign in to your SimpleNote account before you can use the app.


To add a note, click the plus sign at the top of the third column, and an untitled note will be created. Start typing in the note, and the first line will become the title, which you may edit at any time. Another plus button accompanied by a dropdown arrow in the third column lets you add the current note to a folder. Notes can be added to existing folders, or new folders can be created if required.

Metanota folder

The app allows you to search notes by the title and the text within. To search a note by title, click the search icon at the bottom of the second column, and a search bar will open. To search within a note, select it and click the search icon at the bottom of the third column, and type in your search term in the bar.

The free version of the app allows you to choose how often you want to check and sync new notes from its preferences. The paid version, however, also lets you encrypt notes.

Metanota preferences

To delete a note, select it and click the garbage bin button at the top of the third column. The app saves synced notes to your local system, and they can be viewed even if you’re offline.

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