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Organize iTunes Library & Connect To Last.fm With Tune Instructor

As a Mac user, you never really see an end to the iTunes apps that run in the Menu Bar and you probably have one installed too because it offers easy control. The question is, what does you iTunes controlling app do for you? If you’re really only interested in playing/pausing songs, a simple app with a bunch of buttons is really all you need. If you want more, you’ll never really get tired of trying a new app and Tune Instructor is worth a try at the very least. It is a free Mac app that offers extensive organizing and renaming functions for songs in your iTunes library, connects with your Last.fm account,  extensively supports keyboard shortcuts and allows you to customize them all, search iTunes artwork and lyrics, remove dead entries and/or correct them, and add songs to your iTunes library.

Tune Instructor is a complex app and the media controls that it adds to the Menu Bar is its simplest feature.

Tune Instructor

You will find some of its more powerful features in Preferences. Start by setting up keyboard shortcuts and enable them to work globally if you want. This should give you a good idea which functions Tune Instructor will support. Connect your Last.fm account with the app and select whether or not you want to see the ratings in the Menu Bar. The app will also remind you to rate a song before it finishes. You can enable this option from the Ratings tab.

Screen Shot 2012-10-02 at 1.27.14 PM

Click the donut like icon next to the media controls in the menu bar and the red button that resembles it in the small control pane that opens and you can start organizing your library. This is where you will really appreciate the app for all that it does; your  library can be organized by the ID3-Tag (there are several parameters to choose from) and they can be copied or replaced, file names can be set from ID3 tags or the tags can be named as per the files and folders, artwork and lyrics can be searched for, extracted and added to your library, and lastly, you can add new items to your iTunes library. This last option will also remove dead entries and try and correct them where possible. When adding items to your iTunes library, you have the option to use the current iTunes Library, the Music folder for the current user or any other folder to add items. If you click the little cog wheel icon at the top left, you will see additional options for the library organizer.

Tune Instructor organize

Tune Instructor lets you view lyrics for a song in a separate window, and rate songs separately for Last.fm and iTunes. The lyrics’ window can be set to stay on top of all other windows or to move to the background. The app is much more than a simple utility to control iTunes; you can download it free but the developer does ask for a donation. Tune Instructor does offer a lot of organization features but it does not detect and delete duplicate songs, nor can it consolidate albums.

Download Tune Instructor For Mac

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