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PopClip: Search Web, Open Links, Correct Spelling & Work With Text [Mac]

Looking for a tool that can help you easily work with text in all applications? What you might need is an universal text assistant that can perform numerous text-related operations without having to use exhaustive hotkey combinations. PopClip is small, menu bar application that comes with a variety of text-related options to help you compose emails, change file/folder names, type text, open mail links, search the web etc. The application has been developed to prevent you from doing lengthy text-related tasks, such as copying and pasting text from one app to another, searching the web, opening file and email links, and correcting spelling mistakes. It provides a small, on-screen menu with text to perform all the related operations with a click. For instance, if you want to compose an email, just select the email address, and click the @ button to open default email client for composing mail. Read past the break for more.

PopClip works in background without disturbing your workflow. Additionally, it doesn’t come in conflict with Mac OS X native text-related functions. All it needs is administrator password to access & use assistive devices. After installation, it will sit in menu bar, asking you to enable access to assistive devices; select Enable Now, and enter account password to continue.

pop clip 1

Once the account password is verified, it shows application settings panel, allowing you to enable/disable the options you want to use with selected text, such as Search, Open Link, Use Address, Reveal File, Dictionary and Spelling. Here, you can also change the size of on-screen menu that pops up every time you select the text.

The Home tab allows changing application’s general settings including Start at login, show in menu bar etc. Alongside Settings, you will find Exceptions panel, which lets you add application where you don’t want to use PopClip text menu.


As mentioned earlier, it shows a menu alongside the selected text to perform the operation. For instance, if you select plain text, it shows basic copy cut and paste functions.

popclip copy 1

Similarly, you can use it to check text spelling mistakes, and replace selected text with correct spellings. When you want to send an email using default email client, just select the mail address and hit the @ button on menu. Likewise, you can use link button for files and web URLs.

dictionary support address link

PopClip is available for free trial, and comes with a price tag of $4.99. You can buy the license from within the application’s menulet; open Info tab and hit Buy. It works on both Mac OS X 10.6 and Mac OS X 10.7.

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